Site Location Descriptions

Here is a pdf file of our Program Site Map.

Site A Red House Administration Building, lower lobby, patio, front lawn, or museum as indicated.

Site 1 Red Jacket Nature Trail: Meet on the stairs across the parking area from the Administration Building.

Site 2 Meet at the parking lot for the Red House Inn/Sports Bar.

Site 3 Meet at the gravel parking area, 0.25 mi. east of Red House toll booth (inside the park).

Site 4 Meet at the meadow between Sugar-bush Cabins and the road to the old sawmill.

Site 5 Meet between Red House Dam and the intersection of A.S.P. Rts. 1 & 2. Park on the Road to the Maintenance Area.

Site 6 Meet on the road to Red House maintenance area at the bike path crossing.

Site 7 Meet at the Stone Pier at Red House Picnic Area.

Site 8 Meet at Beehunter Athletic Field.

Site 9 Meet at Beehunter Picnic Shelter.

Site 10 Meet at the Red House Boathouse parking lot.

Site 11 Meet at the pine tree with benches on the east side of Red House Lake.

Site 12 Meet at the entrance to McIntosh Cabin Trail.

Site 13 Meet at the intersection of A.S.P. Rt. 1 with the lower road to Stone Tower.

Site 14 Meet at the toboggan hill parking lot near the Summit Cabin Trail.

Site 15 Meet at the entrance to Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails.

Site 16 Meet at the warm-up hut at Summit.

Site 17 Meet at Stone Tower.

Site 18 Meet at Sweetwater Spring on A.S.P. Rt. 1.

Site 19 Meet at the Bova Ski Area parking lot, approximately 0.8 mi. from A.S.P. 2.

Site 20 Meet at Camp Allegany Classroom.

Site 21 Meet at the bridge between Camp Allegany and Congdon Cabin Trail.

Site 22 Meet at the stone bridge just south of Ryan Cabin Trail.

Site 23 Meet at the Horse Trail Staging Area, across from Group Camp 10.

Site 24 Meet at the southern end of the Pine Plantation approximately 0.3 mi. south of the entrance to Group Camp 10

Site 25 Meet at the pine plantation, one tenth mile east of site 24.

Site 26 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 2 approx imately 0.7 mi. south of Group Camp 10 (or 1.1 mi. north of the intersection of A.S.P. Rt. 2 with France Brook Road.

Site 27 Meet at the gravel pull-off on ASP 2 across from Group Camp 12

Site 28 Park on A.S.P. Rt. 2, near the intersection of France Brook Road & the road to Thunder Rocks.

Site 29 Meet at the second bridge on France Brook Road.

Site 30 Meet on France Brook Road at the meadow/woods edge about .6 mi. from the intersection of France Brook Rd. with A.S.P. Rt. 2.

Site 31 Meet on France Brook Road at the intersection with the gated road about 1.3 mi. from ASP Rt. 2 (or 1.4 mi. from ASP 1.)

Site 32 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 2 about 1.4 mi. south of France Brook Road, where the Snowmobile trail crosses.

Site 33 Auto Tour stop

Site 34 Meet at the intersection of A.S.P. 2 with Ridge Run Road.

Site 35 Meet at Thunder Rocks

Site 36 Meet at the intersection of Ridge Run Road and Limestone Run Road, on the way to Thunder Rocks.

Site 37 Meet on Ridge Run Road 3.1 mi from the intersection of A.S.P. Rt. 2

Site 38 Meet at the turn-off to Bradford toll booth

Site 39 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 3 at the beaver pond located about 1mi. east of Science Lake.

Site 40 Meet at Science Lake at the end of the lake nearest the dam.

Site 41 Meet at Blacksnake Mountain Nature Trail on A.S.P. Rt. 3.

Site 42 Meet at the east entrance to Bear Caves Hiking Trail on A.S.P. Rt. 3 between the Parallel and Kaiser Cabin Trails.

Site 43 Meet at Allegany State Park’s first cabin, located between Fancher Cottages and Parallel Cabin Trail

Site 44 Meet at Quaker Amphitheater.

Site 45 Meet at Quaker Picnic Area.

Site 46 Meet at Old Quaker Store Museum.

Site 47 Meet at St. John’s-in-the-Woods chapel.

Site 48 Meet on the Lawn of Quaker Rental Office.

Site 49 Meet at Quaker Athletic Field.

Site 50 Meet at Camp Turner dining hall.

Site 51 Meet on A.S.P. 3 near the Quaker sewage treatment plant. DO NOT PARK in the lot at the treatment plant or on the lawn

Site 52 Meet at the bridge across Quaker Run on the road to Cain Hollow.

Site 53 Meet at the intersection of the Cain Hollow entrance road and the road to Quaker Beach

Site 54 Meet at Cain Hollow ball field.

Site 55 Meet at the south east corner of Quaker Beach Parking Area.

Site 56 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 3 one half mile east of Quaker toll booth.

Site 57 Meet on the parking lot by Quaker Lake Spillway.

Site 58 Meet on Holt Run Road just off NY Rt. 280. Holt Run Road is nearly opposite Friends Boat Launch

Site 59 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 1 between the bike path crossing and the dump station.

Site 60 Meet at the south west corner of the parking lot at the Red House Store.

Site 61 Meet at the pine plantation on A.S.P. Rt. 1, 0.3 mi. east of Red House Tent & Trailer Area.

Site 62 Meet at Bridal Falls parking area on A.S.P. Rt. 1.

Site 63 Meet at the horse trail intersection one half mile toward Red House from the intersection of A.S.P. Rt. 1 and France Brook Road.

Site 64 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 1 where the North Country Hiking Trail crosses. (Near Bay State Road)

Site 65 Meet at Stony Scenic Overlook on A.S.P. Rt. 1, south of the intersection with Bay State Road.

Site 66 Meet on A.S.P. Rt. 1 at the intersection with Stony snowmobile trail.

Site 67 Meet at the head of Bear Springs Hiking Trail about 2.5 mi. northeast of Quaker Rental Office on A.S.P. Rt. 1.

Site 68 Meet 0.3 mi. south of Site 67 at the Tornado Blowdown Interpretive Area.

Site 69 Meet at the intersection of Wolf Run Road and Brown’s Hollow Road.

Site 70 Meet at the gate at the end of Wolf Run Road.


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